• Prepare a list of "Needs" and "Wants." This list will be your guide to an effective search. Deciding what is a must have and what is a would like to have will allow your agent to narrow your search and keep you on track once you begin looking. 

  • Your real estate agent will be able to send you homes that meet your criteria from the MLS, Multiple Listing Service (the MLS has all available homes, from all real estate firms, along with the recorded "sold" data for the area)

  • Take a drive! When deciding if you may want to live in a home, first decide if you want to live in the neighborhood/area. Drive to the home and make sure that you like the home's exterior, neighbors, views, etc

  • Provide your agent with the homes that you are considering, and allow your agent to set up appointments to preview the homes' interiors.

  • Make an Offer! Once you have picked out the home that is right for you, your real estate agent can help you make an acceptable offer to the seller. A good agent will investigate the potential costs and expenses associated with the new property and look at the area comparables to help find the right price and terms for your offer.