Kalan Murphy


OFFICE: 512-505-8020


Kalan Murphy is a Central Texas Realtor who has always had her eye on the industry. At the young age of 12 years old, she would frequent neighborhood open houses. She’s always been curious and passionate about homes, and at her 8th-grade career day, she declared she wanted to become a Realtor.

Fast forward to present day, Kalan is living that dream. She attended Leonard-Hawes Real Estate School to acquire her license in 2004. She has had experience with several facets of the Real Estate industry, including Property Management, Compliance and Foreclosure Analysis. However, it’s being a Realtor that allows her to connect with clients and live out her passion on a daily basis. She seeks to build long-lasting relationships with the people she meets, so she conducts business with transparency, integrity and authenticity. She continues to pursue a knowledge-based business and has completed her Real Estate Negotiation Expert certification through the Real Estate Business Institute. She also joined the elite 2018 Million Dollar Club within the first 30 days of the year! 

She’s inspired by the desire to be a source of comfort, guidance and advice; and she works hard at what she does. When she is not working, she loves to travel, exercise, and time with her closest friends. She has a passion for exploring food and the connection it brings. Most of all she loves the quality time she gets with her husband and four little girls, who make sure every moment is full.