Renee Jordan


OFFICE: 512-805-8020


Renée Jordan is a Realtor® in the business of service — not sales. Buying a home means a lot more to clients than signing on a dotted line, so, Renée strives to meet the unique needs of every client, every budget, every circumstance and every vision.                    

She’s dedicated to her clients, which means she’ll scour all of Central Texas to find you the perfect home. Her easy-to-work-with attitude makes her a great asset to the Bella Casa team. From first-time home-buyers to multimillion-dollar investors, she’s represented a variety of clients across Central Texas. 

Though her success in real estate is impressive, she wasn’t always in this field. Renée was once a pediatric nurse for children with special needs. In fact, she dedicated 18 years of her life caring for babies and offering emotional support through this trying phase of life for many families. While the difference she made was phenomenal, her heart became heavier every time she grieved. She moved on to real estate, where she could still connect with people and make a difference, but with an abundance of positivity. She hasn’t ever looked back.

When she’s not working, Renée loves to practice yoga, read, venture outside, spend time in the water, and hang out with her family. To learn more about Renée, connect with her on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest.