Rina Peiffer


OFFICE: 512-505-8020


Rina Peiffer's journey in real estate is woven with threads of resilience, passion, and an unwavering commitment to helping others. Born to an Italian mother and Honduran father, Rina's upbringing instilled in her a deep sense of community and a drive to support those in need.

After witnessing her loved ones in Central America rebuild their lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, Rina's determination to make a difference was ignited. She embarked on her educational journey at the University of Florida in Gainesville before finding her way to Austin, where fate introduced her to her husband, Greg.

Greg's vision for a career in real estate sparked Rina's own journey in the industry. Initially assisting Greg with his ventures in Peiffer Custom Homes while pursuing a Master's in clinical psychology, Rina discovered her true passion lay in real estate. Her transition was seamless, and she quickly excelled, joining the Keller Williams team and ascending to the top of sales ranks.

Driven by her passion and desire to empower others, Rina established the Rina Realty Group, a testament to her leadership and commitment to excellence. As a licensed Broker, she finds fulfillment in mentoring her team, guiding them toward success, and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

In 2010, Rina founded Bella Casa Realty, a client-focused agency serving Central Texas with a dedicated and forward-thinking approach. At the heart of Rina's ethos lies the belief that education is the cornerstone of achievement—a principle she imparts to her team and embodies in all aspects of her life.

Beyond her thriving career, Rina treasures moments spent with her husband and two teenage daughters, indulging in their shared love for travel and creating cherished memories together. For Rina, success is not just measured in sales figures but in the lives touched, the relationships nurtured, and the lasting impact made on her community—a sentiment that truly defines her journey in real estate.

"We would like to submit our experience with Rina Peiffer of Bella Casa Realty. To provide some context, my husband and I have moved over ten times over the years, so we have dealt with a lot of realtors on the buying and selling end. We expected a lot, but did not anticipate that we would get a 5 star realty professional, especially with all the uncertainty with the pandemic. A lot of traits come to mind, and most start with P. Professional - Rina is definitely a professional. Her extensive experience meant she could answer our questions on the spot, which helped us be decisive in our actions. Rina works very hard...I probably shouldn't say this, but we would be in contact weekends, nights, early mornings, and RIna was super responsive. She never made us feel like we were a pain in the rear, even though we probably were. She makes you feel like you are her only customer. Her husband, Greg, who also is part of Bella Casa Realty, is a home builder. He was extremely helpful in providing advice and contacts for work we needed to complete in getting our home ready for sale. They make a wonderful team to work with. Positive - Selling a home can be more than a little stressful and often, doubts can creep in. Rina is definitely "a glass is half full" person. We would be skeptical, but Rina always had a positive outlook and that helped us to keep upbeat about prospects of selling our home. Persistent- We have not experienced any realtor who was so good at following up with agents, bankers, subcontractors, and also making sure we provided her answers in a timely manner. She is definitely top notch in this area. Proactive- Rina is a go-getter. Unfortunately most realtors we have dealt with were not proactive. Rina anticipated our questions (I'm sure based on her experience), but we never had to ask her to follow up with a lead or any action items. She either had the action completed before we even asked, or would always have it completed after one request. Personable- Rina is one of the nicest , caring persons you will ever want to meet. When the sale was completed, we felt like we had gained a friend in the process. In summary, we are happy to recommend Rina Peiffer at Bella Casa Realty as your real estate professional. She exceeded our expectations in so many ways and so often (and we are not "Polly Anna" type people.) Rina does what she says she is going to do and does it promptly. In my book, that's a 5 star professional. Chris and Steve Crowe Georgetown, TX"
C. Crowe