My wife and I was in Lawton, OK for the retirement ceremony for our good friends Kevin & Caren McKee. He served our country for 26 years as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 or as all his peers call him “Chief” he has done five deployments over the years and is so humble it makes you feel so proud of him personally and our country as a whole. I am not a super emotional guy but it brought tears to my eyes. If you have never been to a retirement ceremony you really, as an America, should go to one I believe. The level of respect and honor is amazing!! You see men and women of all races and creeds working together in a way that will make you so proud to be an American. These people from all backgrounds are really what our country should be about. They set such a high bar for who we are as people. They truly are heroes! They also go out of their way to acknowledge the spouses and families for their roll in the service and is all so good. Please go if you ever get the chance, it is so worth it!!