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 Decide to Sell

Deciding when to sell can depend on various factors: local market conditions, your needs and your current situation. 

What is your motivation? Do you need to downsize, upgrade, relocate or is it financial situation? How do you know what the current market conditions are or what your home is worth? A computer can’t calculate the various factors such as the condition of the property, location, impact of surrounding properties, current market trends and personal motivation.

Choosing an agent

This is usually decided after an agent meets with you and presents you with what they offer their clients. This is referred to as a listing appointment. Customarily conducted in your home the agent will discuss key factors in the success in the sale of your home. Included in the presentation will be the expected time to sell your home, the expected selling price, and what you need to do in order to get your home ready to sell. The agent’s marketing plan will also be discussed during the initial proposal.

Pricing Your Home

Our agents are trained in Comparable Market Analysis and will give you a recommended listing price. Many factors are considered when this price is suggested. It is also very important that you provide the agent with what you owe on your mortgage, this will allow them to prepare a breakdown of proceeds after you pay the loan, fees and closing costs.

Preparing Your Home

A good first impression is important by the appearance of your home inside and out. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere will attract potential buyers. You can do this by making sure the yard is well-maintained as this is one of the first things a potential buyer will see. The home’s interior should also be clean and tidy and clutter free. Neutral colors and neutral décor, free from over-personal effects will allow buyers to see themselves in your space.


Showings are exciting and stressful! Keep a checklist of items to prepare for showings, so you don't forget in that last minute rush. Having flexible availability will increase your buyer pool. All buyers will be escorted into your home by a licensed Real Estate Professional, and that Realtor’s information is captured by our database. Your agent will then follow up for any feedback from the buyers and agents.

Offer and Negotiation

There is much more than a dollar amount that goes into a negotiation on price. Timing, financing terms, amendments, and much more. Your Real Estate agent is fully aware of every nuance and will work to ensure all potential obstacles are avoided. Many of our agents are Certified Negotiation Experts.

Option Period

During the Option Period (Usually 7-10 days) the Buyer(s) will hire a third party professional inspector. It is imperative to have a Realtor to negotiate and communicate with the Buyer(s) on your behalf. Everybody is working together to obtain the same goal. 

Contract to Close

From the time the contract is signed, until your closing date, there are an innumerable amount of tasks that have to be completed by the Buyers, Sellers, Agents, Title Company and Lender. Bella Casa Realty navigates all aspects and insures that nothing gets passed up.

Moving On

It’s hard to say goodbye, but the new journey is ahead. Bella Casa Realty can help you find your new home, rental or relocation agent if you are moving out of Central Texas.


Both Buyer(s) and Seller(s) will sign all required documents with the Title Company. Once all funds are received from the buyer, the process is complete! Don’t forget to provide all house keys, mailbox and amenity keys, garage remotes and security access codes!